What is a crown?

A crown is a restoration that surrounds the existing tooth structure strengthening the tooth against the force of chewing and the threat of bacteria. Crowns are often made of a precious metal substructure, for strength, layered with porcelain to blend in with the patient’s natural tooth color. Advances in dentistry today have led to crowns that are made without metal, for use in areas where aesthetics are highly important.

When is it used?

When a tooth is decayed or fractured to the point that the remaining structure of the tooth is not large enough to support a normal dental filling, a crown is one of several viable solutions for restoration. In addition, the crown is often used in conjunction with root canal therapy to reinforce the structure of the tooth and prevent the future spread of bacteria.

How is the procedure done?

First, the decay is removed from the tooth and the tooth is prepared for the crown. A precise impression is taken and the crown is custom-built to fit into place. While the permanent crown is being fabricated we will put into place a provisional crown that allows the patient to continue with their normal routine. The restoration is applied comfortably to the tooth’s surface and cemented into place. When the procedure is finished, the crown fits comfortably in place and is able to withstand the biting forces of the mouth (which are approximately 150-200 pounds of pressure)