The number one cause of tooth loss after age 35 is periodontal disease. 85% of all Americans have some type of periodontal disease, whether it be relatively minor, for example gingivitis, or more severe, such as periodontitis, where the majority of bone around a tooth has been destroyed. Periodontal disease can also contribute to other potential health problems; for example, a person with periodontal disease is almost three times more likely to develop coronary artery disease due to the presence of oral bacteria. We cannot emphasize enough the need for preventative maintenance.

We examine the gum health of all of our patients during regular cleanings and check-ups. In order to prevent periodontal disease we recommend a healthy oral hygiene routine and semi-annual visits to the dentist. If periodontal disease is found, we will take the proper steps toward treatment, whether it be a thorough cleaning, or a full scaling and root planning procedure.